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Artist | Owner | Founder 

Garfield, Minnesota

Hello & Welcome to my Story! I am an Aussie living in the USA (Minnesota) with my husband, and 3 beautiful children.

 Art making and teaching has become a rewarding lifestyle. The opportunity to introduce others to in a relaxed and social setting, has given may individuals the ability to believe in themselves. It has opened their minds to the idea that we are all creative in one way or another. Most importantly, the process of art making enhances gives each participant a little more appreciation for art. Art is everywhere if we look. 

 In addition to  Art Bar 39, I paint Live at Weddings and events both throughout MN other states in the US. 

 I capture the Ceremony or Reception in real time as it happens and the couple has a finished original oil painting at the end of the night!

My Style has evolved into a soft, impressionistic approach which portrays the energy and mood of each event by utilizing color, lights plus fast paint techniques. I love to share my painting process as I connect with spectators and guests. By the end of each event I paint at, I will have a finished masterpiece to be cherished forever. For more info and to view Gallery visit www.paintmyweddingday.com

When I am not painting, teaching or creating, I am spending time with my Family. I love the outdoors, camping, traveling and beach lazy beach days. 

In the winter, I hibernate with my cats. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my journey! 

I look forward to being creative with you! 




Artist | Server | Instructor

Alexandria, Minnesota

I am a graduate from Alexandria Technical College with an AAS degree in Graphic Design. I also am a graduate from the Minnesota School of Business where I earned my AAS in Veterinary Technology. After working as a Vet Tech for 9 years I decided to return to my roots as an artist. In my free time I am an avid gamer who loves both tabletop and online games. We all need to be true to ourselves and follow our passion! Art Bar 39 is great because it allows everyone to explore their creativity!


Server | Artist Instructor Studio Assistant 

Alexandria, Minnesota


Server | Artist Instructor 

Alexandria, MN


Server | Artist

Fergus Falls, MN

I am an artist from the Midwest! Im enamored by art and the way it affects people. I am so excited to be working for a company that introduces art in an unintimidating and approachable environment. I can't wait to create with you! 


Studio Assistant | Kids Instructor | Server

Alexandria, Minnesota


Studio Assistant | Kids Instructor | Server

Alexandria, Minnesota


Studio Assistant | Kids Instructor | Server

Aurora, Illinois

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Carli Vrchota

Server | Artist instructor

Studio Assistant | Kids Instructor | Server

Alexandria, MN Studio Location:


3015 HWY 29 S SUITE 4122  ALEXANDRIA, MN 56308