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Now Booking Virtual Private Paint Parties 

 - Schedule your own Creative Happy Hour with us! 

Here is how it works...

1. Reach out to invite your friends and family! We would like approx 6-8 people to virtually attend. 

2. Choose your painting, view our GALLERY

3. Fill out our online Booking form - Choose 'Online' for the location of your party 

4. We will be in touch with you to help you plan and get set up

5. We will create an online registration form for your guests to sign up with a photo of the painting and once they register, they will receive the link to enter your zoom party.  (zoom is free to download)

6. We send you your painting kits or you can choose free pick up at our Curbside pick up location in Alexandria every Tuesday am or Thursday pm & Wadena Tuesday am & Friday PM. 

5. Please allow 4-5 days in advance to get materials to you. 

We supply everything you need (except the Easel and brushes) Brushes are available for purchase - See our ONLINE STORE


$35 per person (includes MN State shape)  Includes Canvas

Brushes are additional and can be purchased in our online store

*Please allow for 7-10 days for shipping - shipping included in price

All-inclusive set $49                                                                           

  • Canvas/MN state, 

  • Paints, Paper Towels,

  • Plate palette

  • Pack of 10 brushes

  • Stencil if needed

  • Link to Zoom party!

Here is what you need:

  • Be able to set aside 1.5 - 2 hours of FUN & CREATIVE time (Yes, this includes holding your fav beverage while you paint!) 

  • Glass jar or cup for washing brushes. 

  • Cover for your work surface 

  • a device with a good internet connection 

  • Be able to sign up for Zoom to join a meeting (it's free!) 

  • Easel (optional) not needed - you can work on any flat table surface. 


Basic Set $35 

  • Canvas/MN state, 

  • Paints, Paper Towels,

  • Plate palette

  • Stencil if needed

  • Link to Zoom party!

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