This kit is perfect for ages 6 and up. Let the magic flow!! ✨ 🦄


This Unicorn painting Kit includes One 11x 14” stretched canvas with a 3/4 inc profile

All the paint colors needed to complete this painting..

White, Black, Teal, Yellow, plus neon Pink, neon Purple 

2 Quality BRUSHES - one detail & one wash brush

Paper Plate

paper towels

Step by Step visual & written instructions so you can create this anytime at your own pace.

One stencil + one sheet carbon copy paper for tracing design onto your canvas


You will need: 

Painters tape

Pencil or pen

Sharpie Marker (optional) 

water cup

brushes (one flat wash and one detail brush) 

easel (optional) 

cover for your table sapce (optional) 


Thanks so much for your support and we hope you enjoy being creative! Let the Magic flow!

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Art Bar 39 Disclaimer:

We are offering up our step by steps instructions for your learning and entertainment during this COVID-19 shutdown. We do not permit any copying, sharing, re-distributing, or recording in any way which includes our stencils, step-by -step paper instructions, verbal instructions, and written instructions. Copyright Art Bar 39 LLC

Party Llama DIY painting kit WITH BRUSHES & Step by Step instructions