No Firing needed! 


It's a DIY ceramic craft project that is fun to create and even more fun to use as decoration! This Do It Yourself Ceramic Boot Planter makes a wonderful craft for kids and a great gift for friends and family. Ceramics make great spring and summer crafts for kids who enjoy adding detail and personality to their crafts. These ceramic boots are a wonderful way to have indoor fun on rainy days. But when you're finished, that's when the real fun begins. Great for Teaching kids about taking care of our Earth by filling these boots with soil and seeds so they can grow their own flower or plant.

Size is approx 6"

This ceramic item comes unpainted and ready for you to paint it how you wish! 

We recommend acrylic paint for best results. Glass or Enamal craft paint is just fine also. (not included)

Not recommended for glazing. 


You can find paint kits or individual colors back in our online! 

Ceramic Boot Paintable figurine Planter